9 11 what really happened

Terrorists hijacked planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon and one plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Was 9 11 a conspiracy? Bin Ladin and the 19 conspired to skyjack four planes and ram targets with them.

9 11 what really happened

That morning, New York was faced with the collapse of the World Trade Center towers following attacks by according to the official version hijacked passenger planes. According to media reports, in the evening, another passenger plane crashed into one of the wings of the Pentagon in Washington.

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Then the investigation ran into a number of problems with this plane, since its fragments and the remains of the passengers were not found, and the hole in the wall was considerably smaller than the aircraft's wings. The official number of people killed is 2, On September 11th, President Bush said that the attack was a campaign by Arab terrorists.

Suddenly, it turned out that everything was known, but nothing was averted! The investigation revealed a number of inconsistencies between the official versions.

For example, the Federal Agency of Civil Aviation and Aerospace Defense Command of North America had no communication for 40 minutes after the aircraft was high-jacked. The media also ran inconsistent testimonies by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

The authorities acknowledged that they were warned by intelligence services about the attack, but that nothing was done to prevent such.

Ironically, on September 11th, military exercises were conducted including a planned aircraft high-jacking simulation.

In Gilbert Chesterton's book entitled Broken Sword, there is the famous dialogue: The commission failed to answer a number of questions, such as why the towers fell so smoothly and why firefighters heard explosions inside the towers… There are some other oddities as well.

New York City Mayor Giuliani also said that on September 10th the rescue team was placed on 92nd, which after the explosion became the command center of the operation.

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On September 24th,NewsWeek Magazine wrote that on September 10th, a group of officers of the Pentagon had canceled their next morning flights. In Februaryit became known that a group of businessmen who usually had held their meetings at the twin towers instead met at an air force base in Nebraska on September 11th.

According to the observations of Victor Friedman, the author of a very interesting study on the attack, the stock exchange was purposefully manipulated in the first days of September.

There was even evidence before the attack. One striking event happened in Junewhen UFO-ologist William Cooper, the famous author of Behold a Pale Horse, stated that there would be serious terrorist attacks in the United States in September or, at latest, in October, and that Osama bin Laden would be blamed for them.

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This man knew unique information, and it is thus no surprise that he was shot by police in late who alleged that he had resisted police and tried to flee. Police did not report that Cooper was a disabled Vietnam veteran and prosthesis, which means he could not have run away.

Finishing with this issue, according to witnesses, after the first tower collapsed, police were immediately sent to the second one and began to help people leave the danger zone.See Also: rutadeltambor.com - + Architechts & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. ROSEMONT, Ill.

- It has been over 10 years since the most horrendous and devastating domestic attack in the history of the United States happened September 11, What Really Happened The 9/11 Fact File. Conspiracy theories such as those popularized in the Internet documentary Loose Change are all the rage.

Yet they are easy to refute, using new evidence.

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Americans and the much of the world watched in disbelief and horror on the morning of Sept. 11, as the World Trade Center collapsed, the Pentagon burned and a field in Pennsylvania smoldered. This year is the 15th anniversary of the the events of September 11th, That morning, New York was faced with the collapse of the World Trade Center towers following attacks by (according to the official version) hijacked passenger planes.

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9 11 what really happened

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Sub-page/related. Sub-page/related. "Inside What Really Happened" does not cover up the missed opportunities America had that could have stopped the massacre. It offers reason to why "they" hate America.

The portraits of the terrorists are very well defined, especially how they trained and staged their rutadeltambor.coms:

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