A discussion on the issues related to coaching styles and techniques

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A discussion on the issues related to coaching styles and techniques

The coach must always remember that coaching is not about the coach but it is about the client and each client is an individual. Coaching involves the following7: Investment of time by both the coach and client. Focuses on specific limited learning needs. The coach can be a senior co-worker, does not require the immediate boss.

A discussion on the issues related to coaching styles and techniques

Gives fast and practical results. Guidance and instruction are focused on actual work output. Close supervision of behavior change.

Catches a mistake before it has an effect.

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Produces immediate value to the organization. Flexible time frame that meets the actual client needs. In the end, does the coachee have the skills to complete what is expected effectively?

Has the coachee been informed of the expectations in writing with a job description detailing roles, responsibilities and tasks needing to be completed? This meeting is done in a non-threatening environment where learning can occur.

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A coaching objective is needed to prevent wasting the time of both parties. This process is used by Shirley in our case study. Coaching Case Study Shirley is a charge nurse who has worked in the organization over twenty years. She realized that the staff all had the same common mission and goal of providing safe, quality, medical care to all of their patients in a timely manner, and to inform the physician of any changes that could impact their patient's outcome.

As a leader and seasoned nurse, Shirley helps staff understand the reason change is important in meeting patient and staff needs and in being in compliance with the company's mission and values.

Shirley has coached many staff members and helps those she coaches to deliver results, to act on their own, and to assist others to lead themselves. Shirley is Ben's coach helping him to learn the charge nurse job. In the first phase as a coach Shirley conducts an assessment of Ben.

A discussion on the issues related to coaching styles and techniques

To be an effective coach Shirley has to listen, to discuss and question; to clarify Ben's sense of purpose, core values and beliefs, and has to identify gaps between Ben's vision and reality while providing the encouragement and motivation which will instill confidence.

She notes the quality of his work, the quantity of work, and his use of time and cost effectiveness. Shirley evaluates how Ben handles the staff and how he is careful to show respect for everyone while being the charge nurse, and that he delegates the workload fairly.

In the second phase as a coach, Shirley is concerned with action and implementation. She educates Ben on current policies and procedures, employee compensation, equal opportunity guidelines, the requirements that the Nurse Manager has of the charge nurses in making assignments and completing the workload, and meeting Joint Commission requirements.

Shirley helps Ben know when to ask for the additional assistance of the Nursing Supervisor. She provides developmental feedback to Ben and is knowledgeable about the difference between performance appraisal and developmental feedback. Performance appraisal deals with feedback for actions completed in the past.

Developmental feedback looks at the future. Both go hand in hand and performance appraisal feedback can turn into coaching opportunities. When she gives Ben feedback, Shirley has to be fair, honest and direct, while maintaining a trusting relationship.Connor and Pokora have given a useful definition that emphasizes the similarities between coaching and mentoring.

1 They say: “Coaching and mentoring are learning relationships which help people to take charge of their own development, to release their potential and to achieve results which they value.” A mentor counsels or guides. A coach instructs or trains. C oaching and People Development are the part of Ability to Lead group of Basic Skill, along with Change Management and Strategic Thinking.

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