Application forms

A New York State professional license is valid for life unless it is revoked, annulled, or suspended by the Board of Regents. To practice in New York State your professional license must be registered. If your registration has lapsed and you need to reregister, do not submit a Form 1.

Application forms

Payments by Application forms should be made by check or money order only. Payments at CSLB's Sacramento office may be made by cash exact change onlycheck, money order, or the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Some of the documents can be ordered online and will be mailed to you. Just click the Order link and fill out the online order form. When using an easy fill form or application make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the entire form in one sitting.

You will not be able to save a partially filled form to complete at a later time. This application will result in a new license. Do not use this form if you have an existing license and wish to add a classification or replace the qualifying individual.

View a sample "Application for Original Contractor License. Certification of Work Experience This form is to be Application forms to report and confirm the journey-level work experience requirement. Fill out the form online, then print and mail it to CSLB.

Print a blank form, then fill it out and mail it to CSLB. Receive a blank form by mail, then fill it out and mail it to CSLB. This form is used in addition to the "Certification of Work Experience" submitted with the application.

This form must be completed ONLY if the qualifying individual indicates on the Certification of Work Experience form that they obtained experience working on their own property as an owner-builder.

One form is required for each completed construction project. There are currently 3 ways to complete this form: This form shall list each plea or conviction, regardless of when the crime was committed, or whether it was dismissed or expunged. Applicants requesting accommodation must complete the "Accommodation Request for Examination" form Form 13E and submit it with their application.

Verification by a medical authority or learning institution may also be required. If yes, this application is appropriate. If no, please use the "Application for Original Contractor License" when an examination will be required.

This form is required regardless of whether or not the licensee wants their existing sole owner or corporate license number reissued to the new corporation or LLC. Please be aware that once the license number is reissued, it belongs to the new corporation or LLC and cannot be reissued to the individual or corporation at a later date.

Application for Replacing the Qualifying Individual The "Application for Replacing the Qualifying Individual" is to be used only for replacing the qualifying individual on an existing license for all business entity types, including limited liability companies LLC.

You can replace qualifying individuals on a sole ownership license with the existing owner or a qualified responsible managing employee RME ; on a partnership with an existing general partner or a qualified RME; on a corporation with a qualified RME or qualified responsible managing officer; and on an LLC with a qualified RME, qualified responsible managing officer, qualified responsible managing member, or qualified responsible managing manager.

Replacement of the qualifier must be made within 90 days of disassociation to avoid a suspension of the license. Notification can be made by the owner, partner, officer, member, manager, or the qualifier who is leaving by using the " Disassociation Request " form.

Replacement of the qualifier may be made by submitting the Application for Replacing the Qualifying Individual and appropriate fees. Qualifiers are limited in the number of additional licenses for which they may qualify.

Factors such as common ownership between or among the entities being qualified are considered. Persons granted qualifier status are restricted to qualifying no more than three firms in any one-year period.

An RME must inactivate his or her sole ownership license to qualify for another license and must meet certain employment requirements. Note, however, an additional general partner may not be added to an existing partnership license - a new license would need to be obtained.

Failure to replace the disassociated qualifying individual within 90 days from the date of his or her disassociation will result in the automatic suspension of a license that is on active status.

If the license has more than one classification and the qualifier for the other class or classes remains on the license, the licensee may continue to operate in the remaining class or classes. The class qualified by the person who disassociated will be removed at the end of the 90 days unless replacement is made within that time.

For reference purposes, view a sample "Application for Original Contractor License. Application for Additional Classification The "Application for Additional Classification" is to be used only for adding classifications to an existing license for all business entity types, including limited liability companies.Download the latest versions of our forms from or order them by mail by calling Don't pay anyone for copies of our forms.

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Application forms

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