Bubble boy

Please enter a valid email address Submit We respect your privacy. These genetic defects cause extreme susceptibility to serious illness, and the body cannot fight infections. When David had SCID, very little was known about the disease, and a bone marrow transplant from an exactly matched donor was the only cure for the disorder, but there was no match available in our family.

Bubble boy

The Boy in the Bubble, Retro Report At the time, the only management available for children born with SCID was isolation in a sterile environment until a successful bone marrow transplant could be performed. The Vetters, who already had a daughter, decided to proceed with another pregnancy.

Their third child, David Phillip Vetter, was born September 21, A special sterilized cocoon bed was prepared for Vetter at his birth. Immediately after being removed from his mother's womb, Vetter entered the plastic germ-free environment that would be his home for most of his life.

Vetter was baptized a Roman Catholic with sterilized holy water once he had entered the bubble.

Bubble boy

Initial plans to proceed with a bone marrow transplant came to a halt after it was determined that the prospective donor, Vetter's sister, Katherine, was not a match. Water, air, food, diapers and clothes were sterilized before entering the sterile chamber.

After being placed in the sterile chamber, Vetter was touched only through special plastic gloves attached to the walls of the chamber. The chamber was kept inflated by air compressors that were very loud, making communications with the boy very difficult. His parents and medical team, which included Dr.

John Montgomerysought to provide him as normal a life as possible, including a formal education, and a television and playroom inside the sterile chamber.

About three years after Vetter's birth, the treatment team built an additional sterile chamber in his parents' home in Conroe, Texas, and a transport chamber so that Vetter could spend periods of two to three weeks at home. Vetter had his sister and friends for company while at home. A friend arranged for a special showing of Return of the Jedi at a local theater so that Vetter could attend the movie in his transport chamber.

At this point, the treatment team explained to him what germs were and how they affected his condition. As he grew older, he became aware of the world outside his chamber, and expressed an interest in participating in what he could see outside the windows of the hospital and via television.

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The suit was connected to his bubble via an eight-foot 2. Vetter was initially resistant to the suit, and although he later became more comfortable wearing it, he used it only seven times. He outgrew the suit and never used the replacement one provided for him by NASA. Physicians expressed concern that as a teenager Vetter could become unpredictable and uncontrollable.

While his body did not reject the transplant, [4] he became ill with infectious mononucleosis after a few months. The autopsy revealed that the donor Katherine's bone marrow contained traces of a dormant virus, Epstein-Barrwhich had been undetectable in the pre-transplant screening.

His father went on to become the mayor of Shenandoah, Texas. His mother married a magazine reporter who had written about her son. Vetter's psychologist, Mary Murphy, wrote a book about Vetter's case that was to be published in ; however, its publication was blocked by his parents.Jake Gyllenhaal, the young star of the critically well-received October Sky (), follows up that film with this offbeat comedy.

Gyllenhaal stars as Jimmy Livingston, a teenager with an immune 30%. Search by movie or actor, or click on a letter across the top. You can also scroll down to search by movies most recently mentioned by Howard. To anyone under 30, David Phillip Vetter is more an idea than a person.

He is a phrase in a Paul Simon song, a character in a Seinfeld episode, the subject of a PBS documentary and the inspiration. Bubble Boy is a American comedy film directed by Blair Hayes, starring Jake Gyllenhaal in the title role, and written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio. It was inspired by the movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.

A musical by the same name was written by the same authors and first performed in In Bubbleboy you enter a boy's dreams.

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Use the arrow keys or WASD to fly in the bubble and complete each level. Collect all of the dream fragments to unlock the door. Good luck! TRANSCRIPT. The Boy in the Bubble December 7, Related Video. TEASE: DATE: June 25, ARCHIVAL (CBS, ): ROGER MUDD: We have a story tonight about a little boy in Houston, Texas, and the unfortunate life disease has brought him.

From the Mother of the 'Bubble Boy': His Short Life Left a Long Legacy