Burgundy asset management the wescast investment

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Burgundy asset management the wescast investment

The potential customer had estimated the savings to be achieved by the new equipment. Working with this estimate and financial information about the client company, the sales representative must undertake a rigorous capital budgeting analysis to help the potential customer sell the project to the financial people in the company.

The case provides students with an opportunity to analyze a simple capital expenditure. They are required to develop a discount rate, based upon costs of funds, and to utilize that discount rate to value the cash flows expected. Information is provided about the likelihood of receiving the expected cash flows, so that expected NPV and IRR values may be determined.

There is ample room for discussion about the costs of debt and equity to use the weights to be applied.

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Additionally, the affect of expected inflation must be factored into the analysis. The manager is now forced to reconsider how to value RamSync considering the hidden call option it has on the MRAM market.

Finance and Insurance Issues: While PepsiCo was already involved in seven joint ventures in the PRC, this proposal would be one of the first two green-field equity joint ventures with PepsiCo control over both the board and day-to-day management.

Every investment project at PepsiCo had to go through a systematic evaluation process that involved using capital budgeting tools such as new present value NPV and internal rate of return IRR.

He needed to decide if the proposed Changchun joint venture would meet PepsiCo's required return on investment. He was also concerned what the local partners would think of the project.

The final decision would be made after a presentation to the president of PepsiCo Asia-Pacific.The investment manager at Burgundy Asset Management was assigned a responsibility where he had to do a thorough evaluation of the investment opportunity presented by a large automotive parts provider, Wescast Industries Inc.

BURGUNDY ASSET MANAGEMENT - THE WESCAST INVESTMENT DECISION. Teaching note -Reference no. 8B03N16 Subject category Length: 11 pages. Data source: Field research. Related products; BURGUNDY ASSET MANAGEMENT: THE WESCAST INVESTMENT DECISION.

Case -Reference no. 9B03N Subject category: Finance, Accounting and Control Access this item. Burgundy Asset Management: The Wescast Investment Decision Question 1 1. Describe the investment process currently used by Burgundy, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the rutadeltambor.comdy Investment’s philosophy involved carefully evaluating the economics of individual companies and their rutadeltambor.com firm stressed independent research and a long .

3. What value has the HMC’s policy portfolio asset allocations (compared to TUCS median) added to the endowment from the period ? 4. What value has active portfolio management (deviating from the policy portfolio indexes and weights) added to the endowment from the period ?

Burgundy asset management the wescast investment

5. Does this justify their controversial. burgundy jiaran deng junjie du yunhui liu yunbin shen Burgundy Investment Process Generate Investment Ideas Examine Investment Evaluation (Financial Analysis) Decide to Invest or Not Strengths: Various Investment Ideas Precise Evaluation (Preliminary Valuation Analysis) Good Cooperation on Making Decision Weaknesses.

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Burgundy asset management the wescast investment

She has turned around a number of troubled businesses in her career through eliminating conflicts of interest” (rutadeltambor.com).

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