Cash crops of pakistan

History[ edit ] The area that is now Mirpur has always been a crossroad for major invasions of the South Asia and has formed part of various empires over time including the role of an outlying region of the conquests of Alexander the Greatthe Kingdom of Gandharathe Mauryan empirethe Kushan empire, the Sultanate of Ghazni, the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal empire amongst others. An alternate view is that the city was founded by Mira Shah Gazi and Gosain Bodhpuri, both regarded as saints. The Delhi Sultanate and later Mughal Empire ruled the region.

Cash crops of pakistan

There is not the much fertile soil is available in Pakistan except Punjab. But instead of this Pakistan is rich with the best food and cash crops.

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For economic development it is very necessary to earn foreign exchange and the cash crops of Pakistan are playing a vital role in this regard. The list of food and cash crop is listed below in detail.

Cash crops of pakistan

We are telling you the definition and example of feed crops and cash crops of Pakistan with name list. Food Crops of Pakistan: Wheat is one of the basic food crops of Pakistan.

It is grown in mild temperature and areas which have a small amount of rainfall. Wheat is normally sown in the month of October and November and harvested in the month of April and May.

Pakistan got self-sufficiency in the crop of wheat. Rice is one of the most important food crops in Pakistan. It is grown in areas which have moisture and warm temperature, mostly Sindh and Punjab.

The average per acre yield of Rice in Pakistan is kg per hector. The government of Pakistan is trying to increase the per acre yield of rice and working on research in order to improve the quality and introduce the new varieties of rice in Pakistan.

Discuss the major food crops and cash crops of Pakistan and suggest measures to improve them

It is one of the best raw materials for edible oil production. It is grown in warm place which has a moderate temperature. The average yield of maize is kg per hector. There are two important millets are Jawar and Bajra. Millets are cultivated in dry and sandy areas.

The per hector yield of Millet is getting low due to the low rate of consumption. The major use of millets is on poultry farms.

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Gram and Pulses are also important food crops of Pakistan. The average yield of Gram and Pulses and Pulses is kh per hector. The government of Pakistan is trying to improve the production of gram and pulses.

Cash Crops of Pakistan: It is leading cash crop of Pakistan.

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It is grown in the areas having moderate rainfall and high temperature. Cotton yield kg per hectare.There is a great difference between the crops grown as starter plants and the greenhouse vegetables. Masses tend to grow vegetables and fruits in their greenhouse where they’ve control environment to control temperature, providing heat, extend the growing season and to protect them from frosting.

Agriculture is a vital sector of Pakistan's economy and accounted for percent of GDP in , according to government estimates. The Bhola cyclone was a devastating tropical cyclone that struck East Pakistan and India's West Bengal on November 12, It remains the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded and one of the deadliest natural to , people lost their lives in the storm, primarily as a result of the storm surge that flooded much of the low .

The small business sector in Pakistan has the highest potential opportunity for the self-employment among the educated youth of the country. The GDP growth accelerates to percent in against the growth of . Growth factors and climate depend upon this question but Sugarcane and wheat are most crops for cash money in pakistan these both are also profitable in rare case you will got loss or low profit.

Views. The cash crops of Pakistan are grown in almost all provinces of Pakistan.

Cash crops of pakistan

The farmers grow them willingly. Cotton is one of the major cash crops which is grown in the fertile lands of Sindh and Punjab. It is the flourishing crop which gives a huge foreign exchange to our country.

The government helps the farmers by providing them pesticides and.

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