Changing face of indian advertising mascots

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Changing face of indian advertising mascots

History of Mascots dates back to It was then used as a word for anything that brings good luck. Given the cost of roping in a celebrity to build brand awareness, mascot not just is a cost effective alternative but also a strategic tool to strike right emotional chord with the consumer. There are mascots in the marketing arena which have gained the celebrity status.

Mascots in marketing Mascots are one of the favorite tools of marketers to gain good brand visibility and brand Identity. They are a safe bet when the return on investment mascots is concerned.


They personify the brand and help in instant recall of the brand. Way back in Air India created mascot Maharajah which was famous worldwide.

It is one of the oldest surviving mascots. With its typical looks of oversized moustache, the red clothing and turban, maharajah welcomed passengers with a promise of maharajah like treatment in the aircraft. The ability of mascot in personifying brand can be looked at by such examples.

The adorable kid in the advertisements was one of the most popular mascots. Building brand identity Building brand using mascot has been accomplished successfully by many brands. The Mascot once popular familiarizes consumers with the brand and aids greatly in increasing the brand recognition.

She bought smiles to the face of every Indian through her wit and pun. Created by Sylvester Da Cunha in Amul girl is now 57 years old.

All the national and international happenings are presented by this little girl with a tinge of humor and this made it instantly dear to many.

Changing face of indian advertising mascots

Amul billboards became instantly popular with daily happenings being the subject of the advertisements. There is no exaggeration in stating that Amul girl has extended its identity and characteristics to the brand Amul.

A very recent success story of branding through mascot is that of Vodafone bringing Zoo zoos. Launched during IPL season 2 inZoo zoos very instantly were household names.

These egg headed figures featured on T shirts, accessories and entertained audience with their rattle. These cute little creatures dominated the social networking sites and Vodafone was able to enjoy great deal of brand recognition.

Earlier loyal pug used by Hutch was also one of the popular mascots in Indian branding. Brand personification creating association Mascots are used to personify a brand, create characters with emotions that consumer can relate to.

This favorable association would help brands in getting a step closer to building brand equity. Most of the ads in the insurance field were very serious which were more informational in nature. But ICICI was successful in bring humor into its ad campaigns and at the same time conveying the message successfully through its Chintamani character.

Chintamani represented normal middle class Indian who has his tax and other worries related to saving. ICICI brand recall sored heights after this ad campaign.

Do all mascots stand the test of time? While some of the mascots have eternal appeal to consumers, there are instances where mascots which were profitable to the brand at one particular time loose relevance over a period of time.

It represented green eyed neighbor envious of the Onida TV set possessed by his neighbor. However due to globalization and increasing disposable income of Indian middle class, television is no longer a luxury.

Onida did away with the devil in It was designed by R. The revival of brand identity to a premium market was hindered by the mass appeal of Gattu and hence Asian paints decided to phase it out.

Mascots Vs Celebrity There has always been a debate as to who fares well Mascot or a celebrity brand ambassador as far as building brand identity is concerned. Both the options have their pros and cons. One of the biggest advantages of roping in celebrity is to gain instant recognition. As the brand ambassador is an established celebrity the credibility of the brand is gained immediately and brand equity of celebrity is transferred to the brand.Native Americans, Sports Mascots, Racism & Cultural Appropriation "Makes crystal clear that the fight against Indian mascots is a central part of the wider struggle of Indigenous people for political, educational, and socio-economic justice today.".

The subject of global marketing presents a prism for the researcher, glittering with a multitude of facets having to do with the production, marketing and consumption of goods and images across cultures.

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For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get . This is a list of notable nationally exposed mascots and characters created specifically for advertising purposes, listed alphabetically by the product they represent. Nov 16,  · The changing face of Ole Miss: A look back at the university’s mascots The new face of the University of Mississippi — the character that will likely emblazon tents, cups, stickers and fan paraphernalia this season —.

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