Child case study questions

Effects Psychological effects Child sexual abuse can result in both short-term and long-term harm, including psychopathology in later life.

Child case study questions

However, preschool programs tend to either be teacher-led and didactic, or else to lack academic content. One preschool model that involves both child-directed, freely chosen activity and academic content is Montessori.

Here we report a longitudinal study that took advantage of randomized lottery-based admission to two public Montessori magnet schools in a high-poverty American city. The final sample included children, 70 in Montessori and 71 in other schools, most of whom were tested 4 times over 3 years, from the first semester to the end of preschool ages 3—6on a variety of cognitive and socio-emotional measures.

Although not different at the first test point, over time the Montessori children fared better on measures of academic achievement, social understanding, and mastery orientation, and they also reported relatively more liking of scholastic tasks.

Child case study questions

They also scored higher on executive function when they were 4. In addition to elevating overall performance on these measures, Montessori preschool also equalized outcomes among subgroups that typically have unequal outcomes. First, the difference in academic achievement between lower income Montessori and higher income conventionally schooled children was smaller at each time point, and was not statistically speaking significantly different at the end of the study.

Second, defying the typical finding that executive function predicts academic achievement, in Montessori classrooms children with lower executive function scored as well on academic achievement as those with higher executive function.

This suggests that Montessori preschool has potential to elevate and equalize important outcomes, and a larger study of public Montessori preschools is warranted. Introduction Optimizing preschool education is important from both economic and developmental standpoints Heckman, ; Blair and Raver, The human brain undergoes marked development in the first 6 years, and the environment interacts with gene expression producing changes that appear to be permanent Zhang and Meaney, Furthermore, neural development proceeds in a hierarchical fashion, with later attainments built on earlier ones Merzenich, Economic analyses show that the highest rates of return on educational investments in human capital are derived from preschool programs Heckman, Yet the two primary examples of successfull early childhood interventions Perry Preschool and the Abecedarian Project are from the s Campbell et al.

Doing such interventions at scale would be exceedingly difficult. However, some alternative public preschool programs can feasibly be widely implemented; one such program is Montessori.

Montessori education aligns with principles and practices that a century of research has shown are more optimal for child development than the principles and practices that undergird conventional schooling Lillard, Developed by a physician in the first half of the 20th century, the educational method stemmed from close observation of children in relatively free environments.

Within a structure created by the materials and teacher oversight, children are free to make constructive choices among activities that they have been taught, to explore personal interests with the caveat that they also engage broadlyand to decide whether to work alone or with peers in the multi-age classrooms.

There are no grades or extrinsic rewards, and learning is situated in real or simulative contexts. Montessori education is aimed at development of the whole child, integrating social and cognitive growth for healthy independent functioning.

Program quality is clearly an important consideration, as children in higher-fidelity Montessori classrooms where children had only Montessori activities had larger social and cognitive school-year gains than those in lower-fidelity ones Lillard, However, the Lillard study had serious limitations, including that the children were middle-income and not randomly assigned to the schools, which were private.

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Such limitations are common in the relatively few existing studies of Montessori education Rathunde and Csikszentmihalyi, ; Peng and Md-Yunus, Another study avoided these problems by testing 5-year-olds in a high-fidelity public inner-city Montessori school who had gained admission through a computerized district-level random lottery when they were 3 years old, and compared their outcomes to those of 5-year-olds who had lost that lottery and were at non-Montessori schools Lillard and Else-Quest, The Montessori children significantly outperformed the control children on an array of measures.

These limitations are also problematic. In the present study, children in two high-fidelity public Montessori magnet schools 11 classrooms who had gained admission via a random computerized district-level lottery at 3 years old were compared to a group who had lost the lottery and attended other non-Montessori schools, over half of which were private schools.

The tests, described next, assessed a variety of skills known to be important to later success. For young children, initial progress in reading, vocabulary, and numerical understanding are valued indicators.

The Woodcock-Johnson tests have good psychometric properties as described in the manual, and are frequently used to measure school outcomes.

Social cognition was measured with the Theory of Mind scale Wellman and Liu,which has good internal and external validity Wellman, ; for example, it predicts later social competence Wellman, A central construct in the Theory of Mind scale is understanding of false belief, which has garnered considerable attention in developmental psychology and education in the last 30 years Blair and Razza, Workbook on Luke Page #4 Bible Study Questions on the Gospel of Luke Introduction: This workbook was designed for Bible class study, family study, or personal study.

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Methods. The English and Romanian Adoptees study is a longitudinal, natural experiment investigation into the long-term outcomes of individuals who spent from soon after birth to up to 43 months in severe deprivation in Romanian institutions before being adopted into the UK.

Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization and perpetration, and lifelong health and opportunity. Helping Your Child with Organization and Study Skills.

By: Joan Sedita. Introduction. Just as a carpenter needs the right tools (such as a saw and hammer) and basic skills (such as how to measure and cut wood) to frame a house, students need the right tools (such as notebooks and assignment pads) and basic study skills (such as reading and note-taking skills) to be successful in school.

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