Ellen hopkins writing style

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Ellen hopkins writing style

I enjoyed Impulse and felt I had to read the follow up. I love love love Ellen Hopkins writing style. Her delicate and well thought out way of placing words and sentences always gets to me. I am amazed with every book by how she can say so much with so few words.

It is truly a writing inspiration. However, as much as I count her as one of my favorite authors. I always feel depressed after I read her novels.

I have to gear up for reading them. The story lines are about the ugly side of life. Deep, dark, depths of serious issues and of the characters struggles. I've followed Hopkins writings for a while now and I've read every book she's written. After this story sitting on my shelf for over 6 months because I dreaded feeling blue after reading it, I decided this was the last novel I will probably read by her.

It's sad because I love the writing style, but I don't want to read stories that make me feel down. At least not in this stage of my life. Maybe I will follow Hopkins again at some future time.

I encourage you, the readers, to pick up one of her books just to enjoy and experience the writing style. My most favorite will remain Burned.

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I loved that novel from start to finish and it was the one that made me fall in love with this style of writing, but that story was by far my most favorite.Dec 19,  · The end of this novel closes with a poem titled: Lull.

And that word alone encapsulates this novel completely. Ellen Hopkins is one of my favorite writers.

Ellen hopkins writing style

Her verse is absolutely beautiful, so when I found out she wrote a novel in prose I had to read it. Unfortunately, it . Ellen Hopkins is also my favorite. You are really great, I think you could go places with writing. (: Reply Link to Comment; Report Comment AngelaJeanMarieJenki Jan 20, This explains my life right now with a friend of mine so well Reply Get notified when Friend or Enemy?

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Ellen hopkins writing style

Ellen Louise Hopkins (born March 26, ) is a novelist who has published several New York Times bestselling novels that are popular among the teenage and young adult audience..

Life. Hopkins began her writing career in She started with nonfiction books for children, including "Air Devils" and "Orcas: High Seas Supermen". Feb 25,  · Best Answer: I luvd this author so i wrote her.

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impulse is a book by itself but glass is the sequal to crank. she has her next book coming out in aug of this year and she said that there will probably be a sequal to glass but there will be probably be several books before the sequal to glass comes rutadeltambor.com: Resolved.

Author Ellen Hopkins was scheduled to speak to eighth-graders at Whittier Middle School today about her career, writing process and books. Hopkins is the author of several New York Times best.

Ellen Hopkins verse novel, Crank, is intended for ages 14 to 20, although she knows adults will read it, too.

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