Essay by chris fumari in the santa clara newspaper taking

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Essay by chris fumari in the santa clara newspaper taking

The moral and ethical questions of how we treat others, and the earth's diverse creatures and systems--human and ecological--are big ones, in an age where many exploit others and the planet for symbols of greed and profit.

In the world we've created, the winners of money and fame are the losers, pinning their sense of well being on having triumphed over, instead of working with and within and supporting the ecological and human systems of shared value and collective well-being.

We need to remake our system of values, so we can live in a world that works for all.

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Carl Sagan was right, we are at a moral juncture in our understanding, and the earth is at stake. Can we love the earth and each other enough to live from a higher moral principle? Post Your Reply On Mar 10, madhur wrote: This reading and reflections contain so much value and open a whole new world of thoughts and understanding our reactions to me.

I am really thankful to each of you for sharing the videoyour thoughts and helping other readers learn so much. My family calls me Pancho and I'd like you to know that I love you all Last Wednesday was a ONE-derful night to stress that "we are all in this together", no matter distance or time.

As usual, the Berkeley posse of satyagrahis was ready to carpool to Santa Clara but this time there were not enough cars to carry all the crew 8 of usso Chris, Yi-An and I joyously volunteered to give away our spots so that you know, sister Yi-An has been the first one to RSVP -before the weekly passage is sent!

The Essay By Chris Fumari In The Santa - Laser Summer School

We've been to so many Wednesdays that we know how powerful is for a "first timer" or for some of us who are re-joining the spiritual companionship of the Charity Focus family.

Among the people who joined the adventure of magic Wednesdays for the first time, was brother Fab who had a visible weapon of love: Yi-An and Chris bought a few veggies, which later became part of a delicious curry, rice and beans, together with a salad with home grown sprouts and mushrooms from Tilden park kind of a swadeshi salad.

We did the dinner prep and sat in receptive silence at Chris' room. Heng Sure where you can set a virtual bell: Thanks to the magic of the electron land and the prodigious skills of brother Somik, I could read some of your insights and lovely reflections.

New Renaissance of Humanity. I remember when I was a child the attention and enthusiasm my dad had for the Carl Sagan's TV series: As a 5 year old, I was quite frustrated when the long Carl monologues started because I couldn't read the subtitles, and my English didn't exist at all, so it just didn't appeal to me.

However, what I still remember is the excitement of my dad afterwards: Those were the seeds of critical thinking, those were the seeds of awe and wonder that shaped my profound interest for Astrobiology the study of life as we know it -and as we don't know it!

In other words, thanks to well-used technology and the spiritual translation of people like my dad, Carl Sagan's wisdom could travel, almost in real time, to Mexico, Latin America and to the entire Planet, changing the lives of millions of people like me.

Manuel Valencia: California's Native Son; essay by Julie Armistead

It always intrigued me how it was that we are made of star stuff This is one of the most profound realizations humans have ever done: I remember it was in one of my first Wednesdays when I shared my perspective about the New Renaissance of Humanity.University News.

January 10, Institute of Arts and Sciences to present talk by politically provocative artist Glenn Ligon; January 7, UC Santa Cruz historian and founding faculty member John Dizikes dies at 86; More news.

A new report by Chris Benner at UC Santa Cruz and Manuel Pastor at USC, "From Resistance to Renewal: A Correct Answer: False Question 6 According to the essay by Chris Fumari in the Santa Clara newspaper taking performance enhancing drugs is not cheating in the same sense that Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots was cheating when he was stealing another football team’s signals.

Oct 10,  · According to Steve Jobs' death certificate, issued Monday by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, respiratory arrest brought on by a "metasta BREAKING NEWS.

Essay by chris fumari in the santa clara newspaper taking

NewsOK is Oklahoma's most trusted source for breaking news, sports, weather, obituaries, politics, business, Chris Beard says Sooners can compete for Big 12 title. SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP.

Gov. Kevin and Sarah Stitt address Inaugural...

Chris Biderman of the Sacramento Bee highlights five players to watch on Sunday night when the 49ers travel to take on the Rams, Oct.

21, By SANTA CLARA, Calif. Every December 6, the faithful celebrate St. Nicholas Day in cities all over the world, with the largest ones taking place in Europe.

Images of St.

Essay by chris fumari in the santa clara newspaper taking

Nicholas vary considerably, but none of them.

How 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' racist or not, became our national anthem - Los Angeles Times