Level 1 writing assessment activities in the classroom

These will also help in dialog with other teachers who work with this student. Click a level to learn more: Beginning This student is often a new arrival with little previous English training and --this is the key -- a very limited vocabulary.

Level 1 writing assessment activities in the classroom

Substituting a word Passage reads: The tall fir tree. The tall far tree. Omitting a word Passage reads: Inserting a word Passage reads: A dark and stormy night. A dark and stormy winter night. Needs prompting if the student has to be told a word by the person administering the running record Passage reads: I wish that people Student reads: I wish that pauses that teacher prompts "people" 4.

level 1 writing assessment activities in the classroom

As the student reads, mark each word on the form by using the symbols above. Place a check mark above the words read correctly. If the student reads a word incorrectly or substitutes a word, record what is said above the actual word.

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As the student reads, pay attention to his or her behavior. Is the student using context clues from the sentence or picturesstructure language sounds correct and visual cues using beginning sounds, familiar word chunks, etc. Intervene as little as possible when a student is reading.

If the student is stuck on a word, wait seconds before you tell him or her the word. After the reading, ask the student to tell you about what he or she has just read.


Make notes on the following: Can the student tell you what happened in the story in his or her own words? Does the student include the different parts of a story the characters, setting, events, problem and resolution? Can the student identify the main idea and supporting details?

Does the student use some of the vocabulary found in the text?Formative Assessment Writing Activities and Research Activities Formative Assessment Activities Definition Classroom Options Writing Break Stop in the middle of class and give students two minutes to write about the lesson or topic.

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Centre for Teaching Excellence» Resources» Teaching tips» Lecturing and presenting» In-class Activities and Assessment for the Flipped Classroom In a flipped classroom students engage with lectures or other materials outside of class to prepare for an active learning experience in the classroom.

ESL Levels. TeachersFirst Level 1: Beginning This student is often a new arrival with little previous English training and --this is the key This sudent participates in most classroom activities and follows directions adequately, though with frequent misunderstandings.

The assessments best suited to guide improvements in student learning are the quizzes, tests, writing assignments, and other assessments that teachers administer on a regular basis in their classrooms. Simple ways to assess the writing skills of students with learning disabilities.

Level 1 Repetitious use of a single pattern (simple sentences) R., & Tindal. G. (). Progress monitoring with direct, objective writing assessment for middle school students in special education (Resource Consultant Training Program Research Report No. 1.

Many teachers use differentiated instruction strategies as a way to reach all learners and accommodate each student’s learning style. One very helpful tactic to employ differentiated instruction is called tiered assignments—a technique often used within flexible groups.

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