Marriage and family counseling case studies

These cases do not represent all cases seen at our centre but rather are intended to give you insight into what makes for successful outcomes and the time and effort the clients choose to put in to make their relationship change. But we hope you will find it helpful to see what successful clients choose to do and their outcomes. Case Study 1 Profile:

Marriage and family counseling case studies

Couple Counselling Case Studies Case Studies Case Study I Tina is a year-old high school junior who resides with her parents and year-old brother. Tina counts calories and exercises each morning and evening.
Success Stories In your opinion what seem to be the real issue? Review questions and discuss within the group.
Terms & Conditions Drug use since age 11 related to mental health problems including severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms stemming from exposure to domestic and community violence. Isaac was both using and selling drugs.

Try analyzing the cases from the perspective of a trainee and a supervisor. How does the ethical decision-making model presented in this module apply to the case?

You might also want to talk with your supervisor, classmates, professors, or other practitioners about these cases. After the three cases are presented there are some questions that might guide your discussion.

Case 1 Vanessa has been a marriage and family therapist at an agency for six months.

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Gary, one of the other three therapists in the agency and the only other single therapist, is her clinical supervisor. It will take Vanessa 2 years under supervision to accrue the experience she needs to be eligible to sit for the state licensing examination for her LMFT.

One evening Gary calls Vanessa to inquire whether she would like to go to a day-long workshop with him.

Marriage and family counseling case studies

The speaker for the workshop specializes in a kind of therapy in which Vanessa has expressed interest. Vanessa accepts and the workshop turns out to be an excellent professional experience.

On the way home, Vanessa and Gary stop for dinner. Vanessa picks up the tab to thank Gary for including her. The following day Vanessa is sharing some of the experiences of the workshop with Camille, another therapist at the agency.

When Camille asks, "Isn't Gary your supervisor? Later that day, Vanessa decides to go to her agency director and ask his opinion of the situation. He tells her not to be concerned about it and that Camille "worries about everything.

Case 2 Margaret is a school counselor who has been assigned a trainee from the local university for the academic year.

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As she observes Noah work with elementary school children, she is increasingly impressed with his skills. She asks him to work with Peter, a nine-year-old, who has not adjusted well to his parents' recent divorce. Again, she is impressed with Noah's skill, his warmth and understanding, and ultimately, with the success he has in working with Peter.

Margaret is a single parent who is concerned about her nine-year-old son. She decides to ask Noah to see him. Noah is complimented by her confidence in him.

Margaret's son attends a different school, but she arranges to have Noah see him after school hours p. Case 3 Ruth has been assigned to a local mental health hospital for her internship to work with patients who are preparing to be discharged. It is her first day at the site and she is meeting with her site supervisor.

He gives her a form to fill out, which asks for information regarding her student malpractice insurance. When Ruth tells her supervisor that she does not carry such insurance, he advises her that it is their policy not to accept any student who does not have insurance.

The supervisor also expresses some surprise because this has always been the hospital's policy and Ruth is not the first student to be assigned to them from her training program p.Certificate of Graduate Studies in Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling School of Psychology & Counseling The Certificate of Graduate Studies in Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling, offered online and on campus in Virginia Beach, is a professional certificate that will serve as an endorsement to licensure and for counselor continuing education.

Ground Rules for Family Mediation/Counseling at Rahmaa Institute; Marriage Issues. Case Studies. Communications. Case Study A1 – Unrealistic Expectations; Case Study G1 – Save my marriage.

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By Khalid Iqbal – Founder Rahmaa Institute. FORMAT. A casebook for courses in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, and Social Work. The authors believe that prospective counselors must learn from the experience of practicing counselors.

This enjoyable-to-read, inexpensive casebook offers nineteen live marriage and family therapy case. Before You Do the Case Study Get a little background information on marital conflict.

I’ve included two articles from the Journal of Biblical Counseling to help you think further about marital conflict (don’t feel like you need to read all of the material just read whatever you can!).


Case Studies, Case Work, Assessment, Psychological Counsellor, Psychotherapist in Mumbai, Marriage Advice THE PSYCHOTHERAPIES OF MARITAL DISHARMONY Chander and . Case studies for Multidimensional Family Therapy, (MDFT) demonstrate the program in action and its effectiveness.

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