Pen drive

Pen drives offer a cheap and reliable way to store data.

Pen drive

This article will help you with methods to disable write protection on your SD card or pen drive. However, Windows can access the content already stored on the storage media without any issue. Most people consider write protection as a problem but it is actually meant to protect your SD card or pen drive from unauthorized write operations.

Sometimes, this advantage itself becomes the cause of heartbreak and irritation on your face. Check out these methods: Slide the switch to disable write protection: SD cards and some pen drives have a switch which is used to enable or disable write protection in it.

You might have changed the position of that slider switch.

In the case of a micro SD card, put it in an adapter and then try to slide the switch. Use the antivirus You can scan your write protected SD card or pen drive using some antivirus software. There are chances that some malware having evil intentions for your SD card. What Is the Difference: You might be low on space It is not that every time you have a faulty hardware or some malware is conspiring against your SD card.

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Go to the Properties of your pen drive or SD card to check whether it has enough space or not. Also, the issue may be with specifically that file. The file may be set to Read-only.


You can remove it by going into the Properties of that file and unchecking the Read-only check box. Here are the steps: Connect your write protected SD card to your computer. Right Click on Start. Click Command Prompt Admin. Click Yes in the UAC message.

Type diskpart and hit Enter. Type list disk and hit Enter. Example, select disk 1 in my case.

Pen drive

Type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter. Type exit and press Enter to get out of the diskpart utility. Type exit and press Enter again to get out of the command line.

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Windows will be able to copy files and folders to your SD card. Connect the SD card or Pen drive to your computer. Click Restore device defaults in the next window.

Pen drive

Click Ok the warning message. The format process will take a few moments. Read more interesting How To articles:Whether you want a pen drive with a capacity of 16 GB or 64 GB, a 32GB pen drive or any other, you have these in a variety of trendy and unique designs on Tata CLiQ.

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While you can choose pen drives in the classic styles, you can also buy the quirkier ones that come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. Aug 04,  · Computer Does Not Detect Pen Drive or USB Drive or i-pod: This kind of problem is faced due to some bad registry settings.

After you fix up the registry, the USB drive will work fine. To fix this issue, see this post. Pen Drive or USB Mass storage device disabled at office or college or school: At many offices and colleges, the IT people disable or block the use of pen drives.

How To Boot From A USB Flash Drive. For starters this is still a developing science and most people have had good luck with at least one of these methods. please help buddy, the second solution also does not work! it says that the device media is write protected!!

🙁. Find great deals on eBay for Pen Drive in Miscellaneous Gadgets and Other Electronics. Shop with confidence. After having tooled around with a USB Linux version using your image overwritten or multi partitioned flash pen drive, you might find it necessary to revert it back to a single fat partition (restore the flash pen drive to its original state) that can again be read by all computers.

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