Presentation on chiaroscuro the english patient

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Presentation on chiaroscuro the english patient

Back to Page One "Now that was a bare hand spanking to remember, not only for his typically stoic handling of it but for your incredible stamina through it all.

I do not know how you can maintain a bare hand spanking so steadily and forcefully for such a long period. Your hands and arms must have really ached.

Presentation on chiaroscuro the english patient

As always, his facial reactions are great. Otk hand spanking is the most intimate, erotic kind of spanking there is I am very pleased.

LOL" "As we pagans say It was erotic and sensual but extremely tasteful. I so enjoy a massage with oil especially on the buttocks! Rex has a beautiful manly body.

Presentation on chiaroscuro the english patient

Your otk spanking of Chase for Christmas was fun. Dylan is the boy next door, the son, the nephew or grandson!! I enjoyed the plot. He was welcomed home, but needed to be punished for a little too much partying at college.

This should be what a dad does to a son who is physically a man, but who has not yet taken on the total responsiblity of a man Happy Holidays and keep up your excellent, excellent work" "liff just wanted to wish you and all the models a very merry christmas and a very happy new year Seth is one of my favorite models and i enjoyed the otk spanking you gave him for christmas im sure he ll be a good boy next year.

What a startling, dramatic experience you are providing! I spent all of yesterday into the night looking at your behind the scenes video, a sampling of the spanking videos and the background bonus features that went with four or five that I took in.

I have started to go systematically through the close to 50 shoots you have done with Rex. Watching the bonus video on Spanking Pleasures with his backside being beaten from three different angles was a real treat You are developing expert products like no others I have seen.

Totally unique, totally dedicated, you are getting to do things to your well-chosen young men that no-one elsewhere is even vaguely considering. You yourself are a true artist.

You have a great eye for detail, for pacing and for drama. You are always thinking and it shows on the screen.

I am thoroughly enjoying the bonus sessions for the extra content they provide. It is inspired to do them.Week # The English Patient. Professor Poyner -Del Vento. Kindly turn off.

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