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Early life[ edit ] Brown was born in Mineolaa small segregated town in east Texas marked by racial tensions, [9] to Minnie Collins Boyd and Lewis Brown. Brown was the fourth of five children. His first job was a shoeshine boy in a whites-only barber shop. McFarland High Schoolwhich he later described as substandard and left for San Francisco in August at the age of 17 to live with his uncle.

Sf chronicle business reporters

Be there and be heard!

Meet the Media – Carolyn Said, Business Reporter at San Francisco Chronicle

Greenaction has held repeated protests and press conferences to expose the fraud that endangers workers and residents in and near the Hunters Point Shipyard. NBC Bay Area Breaking news reports in the mainstream media this week supplant the humble role the SF Bay View has played for over two decades in alerting the San Francisco community to the ongoing threats to health, safety and the environment stemming from the botched radiological remediation that continues at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard — a federal Superfund Site.

Navy Base Realignment and Closure Program documenting new evidence of fraud in nearly half of soil samples in two parcels of land on the base. Business Insider Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice has taken heroic steps in sponsoring a monthly community led forum to identify pollution violations affecting the BVHP community and beyond.

Designated a federal Superfund Site inthe shipyard is heavily contaminated with radioactive and toxic waste from decades of military and industrial use. The shipyard was used by the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory for over two decades. Ships exposed to atomic bomb tests were decontaminated here and research on the effects of radiation was conducted on the site.

Radioactive fuel from Operation Crossroads ships exposed to atomic blasts in the Pacific was burned in power plants on the shipyard and explains why products of nuclear fission including plutonium and strontium are present in shipyard soils. Researchers at the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratories located along Crisp Avenue, just south of where residential development is sited, poured effluents of radioactive waste freely into the storm drains and sewer system connecting the shipyard with the wider community and the San Francisco Bay.

Tens of thousands of Black workers were recruited from the South to work in Bay Area shipyards. Some 10, of them lived adjacent to the shipyard in Hunters Point.

Many of their descendants still do, and they recall their relatives dying of diseases from exposure to the radioactivity and multiple toxins that were and are ubiquitous there.

Central to the decision was a unanimous vote of no confidence in the San Francisco Department of Public Health representative to the body. Amy Brownell continues in her negligent, irresponsible and corrupt role as a soil mitigation engineer, documented by a Civil Grand Jury report as being on the payroll of Lennar developers.

As a former physician specialist with the San Francisco Department of Public Health and former attending physician for the Palo Alto VAH Environmental Registry, I have spoken to attorneys representing a shipyard worker who contracted a cancer rarely seen in African Americans after working on the residential development of shipyard Parcel A.

I referred to the VAH registry a former Navy firefighter who resided on Treasure Island and developed a rare cancer linked to radiation and toxic exposure. This experiment involved keeping prisoners and civilians in a bomb shelter. Roberson was identified by chain of custody for the fraudulent samples as being one of a number of Tetra Tech workers engaged in a well orchestrated effort to fraudulently clear the shipyard for hasty development.

The Tetra Tech investigation documents his suspiciously timed death during the course of its internal investigation. Air monitoring studies conducted in October of identify pockets of methane gas in explosive concentrations greater than 50 percent volume in air are present near the landfill surface.

This MUD will allow Lennar developers to site residential development adjacent to a toxic, radiation contaminated landfill that in caught fire and smoldered for 30 days. One widespread source today of radioactive contamination at the Hunters Point Shipyard comes from sandblasting the ships deliberately exposed to nuclear bomb tests in the South Pacific in a futile effort to clean them of radioactivity.

Tons of radioactive sand were used to pave roads and pathways throughout the shipyard. Be there and be heard. It is time to take a stand against the final straw of criminal negligence, coverup and dangerous corruption that is driving the shipyard development like a diesel powered train on a track to nowhere!

Demand the Health Department immediately terminate Amy Brownell, the soil mitigation engineer paid by Lennar! Demand federal investigations to identify potential city government complicit actions! Demand the Board of Supervisors identify who changed the Shipyard Development Plan in to site housing adjacent to a toxic, radiation contaminated landfill that harbors explosive concentrations of methane gas!

Ahimsa Porter Sunchai, M. Demand the Navy abandon efforts to transfer a toxic radiation contaminated landfill on Parcel E2 to the City and County of San Francisco for residential development!Willie Lewis Brown Jr.

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(born March 20, ) is an American politician of the Democratic rutadeltambor.com served over 30 years in the California State Assembly, spending 15 years as its speaker and later served as the 41st mayor of San Francisco, the first African American to do so.

Under the current California term-limits law, no Speaker of the California State Assembly will be permitted to have a. The San Francisco Chronicle is a newspaper serving primarily the San Francisco Bay Area of the U.S.

state of California, but distributed throughout the state from the Sacramento area and Emerald Triangle south to Santa Barbara County. As an Account Executive at San Francisco Chronicle/SFGATE San Francisco Chronicle.

Sales. New. By brainstorming with her reporters, Kitty helps create a Lifestyle section that reflect the amazing things the Bay Area has to offer. business-driven human resources practices for Hearst’s growing stable of 22 dailies and 64 weeklies.

sf chronicle business reporters

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