The business application of corporate social responsibility csr

Schedule — The course will comprise approximately 40 hours of in-person, interactive class time. Classes will be held on Wednesdays, 5: Attendance at 11 out of 14 sessions is required.

The business application of corporate social responsibility csr

Click Here To Print There was a problem sending your message. Please complete all the fields in the form before sending. In former times, an organisation might have focused almost exclusively on delivering a financial return to its business owners.

Developing and Implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Nowadays communities, governments and other stakeholders clamour for their share of the rewards. They expect to see some social or economic benefit from the extraction, distribution, processing, or other productive functions that the company is involved in.

The business application of corporate social responsibility csr

There are compelling reasons for companies to understand, analyse, and mitigate negative impacts from their operations, and they are expected to go further and create significant positive outcomes for the community.

This EuroMaTech 5-day participative Developing and Implementing a CSR Framework training course will assist attendees in learning about how to adopt new and better sustainable business practices to increase the social responsibility of their organisations.

Participants in the Developing and Implementing a CSR Framework training course will develop the following competencies: Developing and Implementing a CSR Framework is a stimulating and practical training course appealing to a broad spectrum of executives and decision makers, in operational and strategic functions, including; Professionals involved in setting up or administering corporate responsibility or sustainability programmes in industries that impact communities, such as the extractive industries.

Individuals involved in planning and managing infrastructure development such as road construction and maintenance, water projects, or environmental services management Team members working in operational functions, including community relations, human resources, supplier or public relations, and government affairs.

Mapping the CSR space

Officials in state-owned enterprises or government ministries involved in meeting the needs of stakeholders in their communities. The facilitator will use a variety of methods, including individual and group practical exercises, case studies, role plays, quizzes, and discussion sessions, as well as delivering formal training.

Each session will be supported by a range of CSR-related materials including case study examples across different industries. During the week, participants will be creating the building blocks of a CSR plan which can be used as the foundation for their own CSR initiatives back in their organisations.

By rethinking its approach to CSR, and putting it within the wider context of sustainability, a company can build better relationships with its customers, its staff, its suppliers and the comunity environments in which it operates.The application of ‘strategic CSR’ in the sports industry By Kenneth Cortsen on February 11, in Best Of, Sport & CSR, Sport Economy, Sport Management, Sport Marketing From strategic and commercial angles, corporate social responsibility (CSR) can definitely be applied in the sports industry as an innovative tool to achieve.

Corporate Social Responsibility An Implementation Guide for Business Paul Hohnen, Author Jason Potts, Editor. Business opinion polls and corporate behaviour both show increased levels of under-standing of the link between responsible business and good business.

Also, investors.

The business application of corporate social responsibility csr

Corporate social responsibility encompasses dual objectives—pursuing benefits for the business and for society. Many businesses pursue CSR activities that can best be termed pet projects, as they reflect the personal interests of individual senior executives.

responsibility (CSR) issues that matter to our business and our stakeholders (materiality assessment) enables us to address the right issues and report on them effectively.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices. Corporate responsibility or sustainability is therefore a prominent fea-ture of the business and society literature, addressing topics of business ethics, corporate social performance, global corporate citizenship, and stakeholder management.

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