The fabulous destiny of amelie poulain

She promises herself that if it makes him happy, she will devote her life to bringing happiness to others. He correctly recalls the boy's name as "Bretodeau".

The fabulous destiny of amelie poulain

But recommending "The City" to a friend who liked "Amelie" has often proven to be a disaster. How did it start? Very slow, Jeunet, amateur director executed many short films until he got courage to make his first feature. By then he assembled a group of standard collaborators of similar fondness for bizarre beauty, including scriptwriter Marc Caro, cast of actors with unusual screen appearances that became his trademark - the most prominent of which are Dominique Pinon and Jean-Claude Dreyfus, and some time later, a computer effects master Pitoff.

The first feature was "Delicatessen", a story of building tenants who make up for the lack of meat in historically undefined time of poverty by hiring a spare flat to a new tennant, then killing and finally eating him.

Which is a task he should never have taken. With his taste for dark, directing "Alien" franchise was probably a challenge, but by that point, both the franchise and the premise were worn out, not to mention that third part was the planned as end of the trilogy as duh! Even though Jeunet brought his entire team from "The city of lost children" with him, results were disappointing and this is the most hated "alien" sequel, that is, if you were lucky enough to manage to erase the half-sequel "Alien vs.

What is the reason for such poor adapting - that is, besides wrong decisions in start, made by producers? After that flop, Jeunet decided to rather return to France. He was in situation to have to prove himself once again, and he did it by making a story in completely different tone: The answer is, perhaps, that this film in such dense, layered Net of various ideas that it offered something for just about anybody - which is, perhaps, the reason of the wide success.

The film, as I said, starts by introducing characters by narrator, through naming their likes and dislikes. It is good idea to return to direct narration when you need to do it efficiently: That narration in "Amelie" is not all that conventional is a nice twist that makes start of the film just more interesting.

Jeunet has to introduce his characters quickly, as he always have unusually lot of them in stories that are all but simple d straightforward. In "Amelie" he introduces them with narration, in "The City" he was unexpectedly throwing them at viewer with not much explaining, which was, again, ok for that film.

The fabulous destiny of amelie poulain

Amelie is, of course, played by Audrey Tautou, scarily wide-eyed, and it is no surprise that Jeunet had to have her in that role first time he saw her face on film posters. Film bathes in contrasting colour: Her first good deed marks, perhaps, the most touchy scene of the film: The box is left to be found by him in the phone booth.

But we find out a thing or two about Amelie too. She is in that bar, nervous, actually scared, and when the man tries to talk to her, she is stiff from fear. There is a reason why she uses tricks, plots, and watches the consequences from the safe distance: She is, thus, too shy to share happiness and fear with that man.

This is shown better when Nino arrives, simple nice guy whose hobby is to collect pictures from photo automates that people have thrown away, not liking how they came out.

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Amélie () - Release Info - IMDb After finding a lost treasure belonging to the former occupant of her apartment, she decides to return it to him.
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Mystery of his life is why one single man throws away perfectly good photos all over the Paris ; after a lot of theories of which the latest ones are a pure fantasy, finding out a true, to him has a weight of religious revelation.

But back to Amelie: To grow up means, perhaps, to give up on dreams that have been guiding her all through the film, but to stay the way she is means to hide behind the corners fur her on, to affect but not to communicate, to help but not to enjoy.

As if to confirm that, film gets more simple and personal near the end.

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One of the most moving scenes is a simple, with no special effects or complicated mise-en-scene: Music plays substantial role in this film: In the very last scene, where Amelie and Nino ride a motorcycle, picture is speeded up, contrasting slow waltz in the background.

Instead of fitting the tempo of picture and music, Jeuned speeded up the picture and slowed down the music just enough to fit them into the same tact, again; it creates a peculiar effect that makes this film emotional playground all through the end.Amelie ★★★½ Amelie from Montmartre; The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain; Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain (R)Paris waitress Amelie (Tautou) has led a solitary, but not wholly unpleasant, existence.

When she finds a box of childhood treasures behind a wall in her apartment, she sets out to return them to their original owner. "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain"Screen Print (18'x24' - Edition of 50) made for the “La Couleur de L’Etrangeté”, collective art show tribute to Jeunet & Caro at Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

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The fabulous destiny of amelie poulain

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