The issue of child sexual abuse in our society

The Heartbreak of Child Sexual Abuse A Current Moral Issue Recent sickening revelations of alleged child sexual abuse and a potential cover-up sparked national outrage. Child sexual abuse refers to any type of sexual activity or contact committed by one person perpetrator without the informed consent of the other victimsuch as exposure to sexual situations, e. Child sexual abuse is often rooted in a harmful paternalism esp.

The issue of child sexual abuse in our society

Private Trouble or Public Issue? By Kay Inckle, LSE Sociology Department Since November 16th, when ex-footballer Andy Woodward revealed to The Guardian that he had been systematically sexually abused by his football coach at Crew Alexandra, a number of other players have spoken publically about their own experiences of sexual abuse http: Once again, we ask how this could happen on such a massive scale and without any interventions from the institutions that are supposed to protect children or from the communities in which they live.

Sexual violence must surely be considered a norm in our society rather than an anomaly: Likewise, our psychiatric hospitals, addiction services, homeless shelters and prisons are significantly populated by those who have been sexually victimised.

We need to ask ourselves why it is that this most devastating form of violence is such an everyday experience, and why do we silence, shame and institutionalise those who have been hurt? We also need to ponder why it is that childhood is structured in such a way as to render children so utterly powerless in the face of abusive adults, and what the impact of substantial rights for children might be both in regards to their vulnerability to abuse and our responses to it.

We also need to ask why as a society at large, and our legal and judicial institutions, are so unwilling to acknowledge the scale of child sexual abuse and to respond appropriately to it.

However, it is not helpful to deal with the sexual abuse of children simply by framing perpetrators as individual anomalies following their own perverse desires. Feminists have long highlighted that the personal is political, and nowhere more so than in regards to sexual violence.

We need to recognise that all sexual abuse is about power, humiliation, violence and control, and that there is something about our society that allows this to flourish unchecked — it is, in C. We also need to consider what it is about our cultural attitudes to sexuality more broadly that makes us unable to discuss and address sexuality and sexual violence in healthy ways.

Why, for example, is learning about sexuality still optional, and often poorly taught, in our schools? The football revelations have also highlighted how our norms of gender and sexuality, and particularly masculinity, are also part of the enabling factors, not only for the abuse itself, but also the shame and secrecy that has maintained the silence of many of the affected footballers over the last thirty years.

The issue of child sexual abuse in our society

The culture of hyper-masculinity, which pervades many sports institutions, defines males as invulnerable, powerful and dominant, and fosters a culture of sexuality in which both homophobia and confusion between consensual and non-consensual sexual contact with males or females are the norm the Ched Evans rape defence being a case in point.

In this context sexual violation is an aberration of masculinity and, therefore, not only psychologically and emotionally devastating, but also identity-shattering. I hope that by speaking out and receiving the support, validation and respect that they deserve as survivors of abuse, that all those who have been sexually victimised can reclaim their lives and identities and move beyond the horrors that they have experienced.

Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Problem

Perhaps this painful episode can bring football to the forefront of such a transformation, and then it might finally deserve the title of being a national institution and a role model for British society.Child sexual abuse in South Asian UK communities is an ongoing concern.

of the abuse will not just go away and it is critical that as a community we start to acknowledge that this happens in our communities and that our children are supported well.

It is evident that the issue of child sexual abuse in South Asian communities in the UK. Child abuse actually is broken down into four categories: neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

It is abuse when a ‘caregiver’ or person in authority over the child uses one of these categories to gain or demonstrate power over the child. Home > Social Issues > Birds Of Prey, Though Fiction, Is A Hard Hitting Look At The Issue Of Child Sexual Abuse [#BookReview] Birds Of Prey, Though Fiction, Is A Hard Hitting Look At The Issue Of Child Sexual Abuse [#BookReview].

Child sexual abuse, in the priesthood and in society at large, is a complex issue that does not admit of simple understandings or simple solutions. Sep 12,  · Here are statistics surrounding the issue of child sexual abuse. In presenting the statistics, the pages are organized by Prevalence and Consequences.

Since child sexual abuse is largely taboo, many do not understand or comprehend the severity nor commonality of the problem. They also affect society in innumerable . 15 hours ago · A jury in Montana has ruled that the Jehovah's Witnesses must pay a woman $35 million after church leadership covered up her abuse at the hands of a congregation member.

A judge will review the jury's decision, with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York expecting to appeal the guilty.

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